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Damasco is made from a special natural raw materials that leave a special effect, antique look that gives the appearance of silk brocade for interior walls. It is suitable for classic as well as modern style decorations. As a water-based paint, this product is given a high level of breathability, prevents mildew and fungi growth and is environmentally friendly. Available in a wide variety of colors.


Crystal can be applied by brush or spray. One or two coats are suggested. It is possible to apply Crystal on a primer of the same color. In order to achieve the best results, quality results, and excellent finish, a primer coat should be applied prior to Crystal application. After preparing the surface, it can be applied to concrete walls, plaster, wood panels, gypsum board, etc.

Alba is a versatile paint and it only needs minuscule effort to maintain it. Just get a slightly wet smooth fabric and gently rub it on the stained surface. Since Alba has a slick texture, stains would be easily removed without exerting so much force in rubbing the stained surface.

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