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Crystal is a super shiny water-based decorative paint, with a high concentration of glitter. It is very stylish and perfect for gypsum boards and ceiling decorations. This may not be your typical paint as it flashes ultra lustrous pigments but it highlights every masterpiece with its dominant glitter feature. Ideal with combinations of multiple paints to neutralize its powerful appearance. The glitter paint decorating trend is gaining popularity. The trend has spread beyond little girls' bedrooms, showing up everywhere from glamorous bathrooms to luxurious bedrooms. It is becoming more and more popular to paint furniture and walls with glitter paint. When used properly, glitter and sparkle can complement almost any decor, regardless of how dramatic it may seem.

Crystal by Decomas

Crystal is a versatile paint and it only needs minuscule effort to maintain it. Just get a slightly wet smooth fabric and gently rub it on the stained surface. Since Crystal has a slick texture, stains would be easily removed without exerting so much force in rubbing the stained surface.

For an in-depth information about Crystal, download the Technical Detail Sheet (TDS) here.

Sparkly Sanctuary

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