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Galaxy is a water-based decorative paint that captures the mesmerizing beauty of outer space galaxies. It effortlessly brings the spectacular effect of the cosmos into your living spaces. With its user-friendly application process, you can easily create a celestial atmosphere in your home. Galaxy offers a diverse palette of colors to choose from, allowing you to customize your space according to your preferences. Not only does it provide a visually stunning appearance, but it is also highly durable and washable, ensuring that your walls remain vibrant and pristine for a long time. Let your imagination soar with Galaxy and transform your living spaces into a captivating universe


Galaxy is a versatile paint and it only needs minuscule effort to maintain it. Just get a slightly wet smooth fabric and gently rub it on the stained surface. Since Galaxy has a slick texture, stains would be easily removed without exerting so much force in rubbing the stained surface.

For an in-depth information about Galaxy, download the Technical Detail Sheet (TDS) here.

Beauty of Outer Space

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