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Gilding is the process of applying a thin layer of gold to a surface. In the Philippines, gilding is a traditional art form that dates back to the Spanish colonial period. It was introduced by Spanish artisans who taught local craftsmen the technique. The traditional method of gilding in the Philippines involves applying a layer of adhesive, called kolon, to a surface. The gold leaf is then applied to the surface using a brush, and burnished with a smooth stone or tool to create a smooth, even finish. The gold leaf can also be hammered to create a textured effect.

Gilding by Decomas

Gilding was often used in the decoration of religious objects, such as church altars and statues. It was also used in the decoration of furniture, frames, and other decorative objects. Today, gilding is still practiced in the Philippines, particularly in the restoration and conservation of historical buildings and objects. The traditional techniques are still used, although modern materials and tools may also be employed.

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