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Stucco Antico stands out as a top-notch water-based putty that has been meticulously crafted using a blend of emulsion resins, special oils, and common mineral limes. This carefully formulated composition gives rise to an extraordinary marble-like finish effect when applied to interior surfaces. The glossy appearance achieved with Stucco Antico not only imparts a luxurious touch to the decor but also showcases captivating subtle shade variations, further enhancing its visual appeal. The marble-like finish effect adds an air of sophistication and elegance to any space, instantly transforming it into a captivating visual masterpiece. Whether it is used in residential or commercial settings, Stucco Antico elevates the ambiance, creating an atmosphere that exudes beauty and refinement.

Stucco Antico

Stucco Antico is a versatile paint and it only needs minuscule effort to maintain it. Just get a slightly wet smooth fabric and gently rub it on the stained surface. Since Stucco Antico has a slick texture, stains would be easily removed without exerting so much force in rubbing the stained surface.

For an in-depth information about Stucco Antico, download the Technical Detail Sheet (TDS) here.

Smooth Stunner

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